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George Leakey a filmmaker and photographer, who in the last 5 years created eye catching short format social media and commercial content, aiming to capture the feelings and emotion behind a scene. Most of his work has centered around the wildlife, both from a conservation and tourism standpoint.


Having spent his whole his whole adult life in Kenya, he is passionate about both the art form and the wildlife. George has worked with large conservation organisations such as Ol Pejeta, The Nature Conservancy and Zambezi Elephant Fund.

Along with natural history, he has worked a number of commercials, mostly in the worlds of sport and agriculture.



I have been absolutely passionate about all things filming and photography from an early age.  Wildlife has always had a particular place in my life, from watching Simon King shows on TV to being fortunate enough to spend a major part of my life and my whole adulthood in Kenya, often living in the bush. I count it a massive blessing that I am able to work with animals and those who spend their lives protecting, studying and showing the world them. I aspire to make more films that impact positively and genuinely in conservation. 

This experience enables me to bring a dynamic approach to your marketing, whether it be making something totally different from the standard safari promotional content that you will see or redefining your social media presence as an NGO or business. Whatever your project, whatever your dream, let's create something that is stands you out and catches the eye in an unforgettable way, whether it be a sports hype video, classic car montage or wildlife promo.


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