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I really don't like "about me" sections, so I'll keep it brief. I'm George Leakey, a British cinematographer and photographer based between the UK and Kenya (as a resident). I shoot mostly short documentary and commercial  projects with various organisations and companies from across the globe. I'm passionate about utilising the opportunities I am given as a filmmaker to tell stories that are genuine and authentic.Whether it be wildlife, humanitarian or even advertising, the truth is the most compelling narrative.

We work 
primarily in East Africa, because we live here. We believe to truly engage with the story and more generally fulfill our responsibilities as storytellers, we should be based where we work. The crews we assemble are from across Kenya, and we are proud of who we work with. We believe using local crews is the right thing to do, and the best way to go - on so, so many levels. Hopefully you agree. If not, let us prove you wrong!

Anyway, enough about us. If you're interested, drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

George Leakey - Director