Seat at the Table - Kenya

One of a series of films produced for COP26 and YouTube Originals, showcasing some of the biggest challenges that global warming brings across the globe.

Producer - Lucy Bailey, Silverback Productions. On location producer - Charlotte D'Olier, RedEarth Fixers. DP and Director - George Leakey. 


Kimana Tuskers

A short film based in Kimana Sanctuary, near Amboseli, following Craig, one of the few big tuskers remaining.

Produced by Saving the Wild. First Camera - Bertie Gregory, Second Camera - George Leakey.

MGR - PedalED Film

A the story of the gruelling four day gravel race through the heart of the Masai Mara. Following both local pros and ex-Tour de France riders alike as some battle the terrain for either a place on the podium, or simply to get to their tent that evening.

Produced through Quite Bright Films for PedalED and MGR. First Camera Robijn Voshol, Second Camera George Leakey.

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Conservancy Guardians

This is a long term project, definitely not one that is wrapped. Conservancies are always built around compromise, whether it be between cattle, people, tourism, hunting and wildlife, there are always challenges. These films, and the ones still in production, are raising awareness for these struggles, whilst also humanising the different sides.

Camera operated and edited by George Leakey.

Voiceover by Nic Kershaw.

In partnership with Alex Walker's Serian and Conservancy Guardians.

Kokoto - Live Slow, Ride Fast

Four friends. Some former Tour de France riders, some relatively new to the competitive scene go out on an adventure. The aim of this project was to keep it as close to action as possible, and as I was filming other things, they asked for just some pick up shots and interviews.

Produced by LSRF.


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The Last Two

A short film looking at the aftermath of Sudan's death and the remaining two female Northern White Rhinos in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya.

Shot, directed and edited by George Leakey. Voiceover and character by James Mwenda.